Apr 29 11

Tech Trends Panel – MLA Conference 2011

by Amelia
What a day, what a conference!
I did some last minute pinch-hitting at the Massachusetts Library Association’s annual conference on Friday.  Someone had to bow out of the Technology Trends panel due to a sudden job-related relocation, and I decided to take a break from my two young hooligans for the day, put on Real Grownup Clothing, and enjoy some Actual Adult Conversation.


Here are the slides from my panel presentation:


I realize the slides seem sort of disjointed, strange, and somewhat nonsensical without any sort of context.  They mostly served as a visual aide in the background while I was being talky.
At some point soon (very soon!) I will properly embloggenate the ideas I talked about at the panel, so the stuff on slideshare makes more sense.
In the meantime, I was SO EXCITED to meet all manner of smart/gorgeous/idealistic/creative people at the conference and I am SO enthusiastic about All Things Library all over again.  Many, many thanks to Nora Blake for thinking of me at the last minute.  :)
Mar 15 11

Last Year: a nutshell

by Amelia

Tina Fey once said that the first year of your child’s life feels like you’re being constantly hit in the head with a hammer every day. I can agree with this, but with the caveat that you don’t mind it quite so much when you get to hang out with such cute people:

Artie playing at KDC

My son Arthur had his first birthday this past Friday and I am literally flabbergasted. A whole year? Really?

Given the times and how they are flying, it seemed to be a good time to recap the two bigger work projects I’ve done in the last year:

Southborough Public Library
I worked with Director Jane Cain and her lovely staff last winter to come up with a brand new web presence for their library. They needed to do some blogging, be able to make their own changes to text and images on static pages, incorporate a third-party application for an event calendar, various reference databases, their email newsletter, and their library catalog. I also set up staff email for their domain, and I manage their web hosting in addition to WP software upgrades, backups and any other ongoing site maintenance that may come up.

John Lewis Lights
Independent artisan John Lewis crafts the most exquisite blown glass I have ever encountered. When he came to me needing help with a new site it was obvious that his organic shapes and vivid colors should be the visual focus. I used the Thesis framework to create a customized WordPress site with an understated color palette, image galleries of work for sale, and an integrated feed of his work for sale on Etsy. I also helped him out with an audiovisual version of an “artist’s statement” set to original music provided by his son.

When I decided to leave full-time work in public libraries to be a technology consultant, I didn’t do it with an eye to becoming a WordPress developer. I have used WordPress in my personal life for years and as over time I feel it has really grown into becoming more than just a blogging platform: as an overall CMS for designing general-interest websites I think it’s hard to top in terms of its flexibility and usability. Thesis has been an amazing resource for client-based work: I can easily respond to client requests for layout changes and tweaks with shortcuts that would have otherwise taken me hours to bash together with PHP.

There have been a few smaller things here and there, too, in between playing peekaboo and sweeping up Cheerios off the floor: I helped my local public library get set up with a Facebook page. I still help Nancy Hunter Denney with updating her website. I’ve designed and distributed the email newsletter for UAC Ukraine and I helped John at Frank Lamparelli Oil with YouTube.

The weather in New England is finally starting to warm up and I’m itching to get out and enjoy it!  Have a great spring, everyone!

Nov 9 09

Facebook for Parents @ Winchester Public Library

by Amelia

I just got back from the Winchester Public Library, where I met with a great group of parents for a workshop about teens, social media & Internet safety. People came to the workshop eager for information, and there were lots of really good and challenging questions raised during the discussion after the presentation.

On a personal note, as a new mom it was really heartwarming and inspiring for me to see so many parents of older kids who actively wanted to learn more about teens and social media in the context of being a more effective parent. In my day-to-day life I often feel that parenting an active and busy 1 year old is one of the hardest jobs there is, but I’m starting to think that maybe parenting is one of those things that really never does get any simpler.

If you’re a workshop attendee and you’ve found your way to this site looking for the workshop web page, here it is:


I hope you find the slides, PDFs & collection of links useful! Also, please note there’s a small feedback survey–I’d love it if you could take a moment to let me know what you thought of the workshop.

Thanks for a great evening!